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Bridging Needs Your Donations!

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Guest Post by FSIM Member Cheryl Larson

Bridging LogoBridging brings out the warmth…when I think of Bridging my heart gets warm and fuzzy all over.

Started in 1987, Bridging is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides furniture and households goods to families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and poverty in the Twin Cities.

One of my initial experiences with Bridging, about ten years ago, has left a lasting impression on my heart. As part of the Medtronic mission to give back to the community, volunteer opportunities were brought into the workplace for team building and to be of service. This was the first year we had an event called “Furniture Friday for Bridging”. I had not heard of Bridging before, so this experience was totally new for me.

Bridging, in partnership with Target, shipped in semi-loads of unassembled boxed furniture and our task would be to build as many pieces of furniture in a two-hour shift. The founder, Fran Heitzman, was front and center, passionately telling his story before we rolled up our sleeves and dug into the boxes to assemble dressers, bookshelves, nightstands and other small furniture items.

Then the magic happened…Fran made his way around to each and every person, personally thanking us face-to-face and handing out “Free Hug” coupons. For those corporate souls that were willing, we also received the warmest, most sincere embrace from Fran. If your heart chakra was not opened by hearing Fran’s touching story about how Bridging started, then his “Free Hug” was the magic key that opened up your heart strings. Right then and there I fell in love with this authentic, passionate, little gray-haired man that bubbled over with joy for his Bridging mission.

Since my first encounter with Bridging, we have volunteered many hours at the warehouse, attended their gala fundraiser event, volunteered at the Bedrace for Bridging event, donated endless household items from my Feng Shui clients clearing the clutter and last but not least, I have become a better person for having been introduced to Fran many years ago.

Fran-Bridging“When good people get together, good things happen!”
- Fran Heitzman




Today, Fran Heitzman is 88 years old, and still actively involved every day at the Bloomington Bridging warehouse.  If you would like to meet Fran, or care to experience the magic of Fran’s mission, volunteer a couple hours of time – or consider donating your unneeded furniture or household goods. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Guaranteed, you will walk away from Bridging feeling the beautiful essences of a man that found his compassionate passion for life in being of service to the less fortunate.

Watch the Bridging video story or learn more about items needed for donation

cherylCheryl Larson is an FSIM Founding Member, certified in Western and Compass Feng Shui. With her business, Peace by Piece Feng Shui, she specializes in Clutter clearing; Creating harmony, Freedom, Healing and Joy in your space; and Relationship enhancement with Feng Shui Amore Collaborative.

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