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How can we support you? Looking forward to 2013

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As an organization, part of our mission is to be “an inspired resource for intentional living”. As 2012 comes to a close, we want to know – what does that mean for you, as a member of FSIM, or guest at our meetings? In other words, if you aim to live intentionally, in what ways can we support you in doing so? Do they relate directly to feng shui? Or indirectly?

Maybe another way to ask the question is – in what ways do you feel you’re not living intentionally? Are there ways FSIM can connect you with speakers, topics and resources that might help?

We typically have 4 meetings a year:

  1. Annual Meeting (January)
  2. Members-Only Meeting (April)
  3. Quarterly Meeting (July)
  4. Quarterly Meeting – Field Trip (October)

…but are open to ideas for other enrichment and growth opportunities for our membership and the community at large, in addition to quarterly meetings.

We’re looking for your feedback as we plan for the year ahead.
What ideas do you have, for ways the organization can support you – either as a Practitioner Member, Friend, Student or Guest?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.
We welcome your feedback, as we continue to work to be an inspired resource for you, promoting the highest integrity in feng shui, strengthening and nourishing the community.


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